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Fun At The Beach by RimaPichi

Okay first, the background is amazing! I love the clouds they look SO realistic, but the thing i'm not really liking is the water..but we get the feeling that they're at a beach but it could have been more shiner and realistic. I love the characters. They could have been a bit darker not so light. (Sort of tanned)
Also, i think you could have added some sunlight, if you wanted them to look really shiny like this, i would have encouraged or placed some sunlight in the picture, but overall it's kawaii ;o; and amazing
In My opinion the hair is way to shiny. But I love it. It looks cute and cartoony. (i keep saying cute ;a;)
The eyes bring a pop of colour and it's the first thing u notice and i think that's the thing i love about this artwork the most, the eyes look so magical and colourful, i'd look at them all day trying to draw them :D haha
I can understand the feelings you show in your drawings, trying to set the mood of the characters/animals or what-not, i love the pokemon feel to it, the animals used aren't original but they're YOUR design. I love the originality in this.

Keep drawing i love youu & ur work ;u; <3
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